Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lonely Vigil at Sunset

"The Lonely Vigil at Sunset"

A lone stallion posed in a rearing stance upon a ridge as the sun sets and day fades into twilight.  The stallion represents the loneliness of the path that each one of us must take in this life.  We come together in groups and families (herds) but so often our ultimate path is ours and ours alone.  But there is a power and strength that so often lies dormant, waiting for us to only reach out and grab the adventure that awaits us!

Pastel drawing on paper, 14"x11", copyright MalekoArts 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How do you Define Yourself? Is it Important?

 (Watercolor / Ink Wash - Self Portrait 2003)

In today's age of technology, social networking and oftentimes lack of real connections with others, it is essential to define yourself as an artist and a person.

To know in your heart who you are, what makes you tick and what boundaries you have. Being true to yourself can be difficult today with some many things competing for our attention. 

If you know who you are and what it is that you do, it is easier to say no to the things an people that may intrude on that.  Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else!

So now from this made passion
which made me take art for an idol and a king,
I have learnt the burden of error that it bore.
And what misfortune springs from man's desire...
The world's frivolities have robbed me of the time
That I was given for reflecting upon God.

In what and where do your priorities lie?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What do you BELIEVE in?

I just posted my first video on YouTube!  It is set to the music of the TSO 
song "BELIEVE" from the 2009 Night Castle album and initially recorded
by Savatage. This video is in response to a contest the band is running to 
create a video of what you believe in set to the music.

I believe in faith, family, friends and the 
ever present beauty that is found in creation. 
Beyond the pain and sadness that comes in 
this life is the ever sustaining power of grace. 
 The times when there seems to be no justice 
only mercy, we always have our hopes, 
our dreams and the faith to believe.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Redemption & Mercy

In the night, in the deep, in the dark; 
In the quiet, in the stillness, in the moment

Transcendence arises all around;
Twinkling stars sing as a chorus of voices

The mind searches for redemption;
The heart aches for answers of truth

The dance we live are dreams foretold;
The music ends and fade to black

The silence descends to cover again
Can a soul once lost be retrieved

A spark of light betrays the night
A hope not lost is once more renewed

Reminded again of legends of old
Sometimes the only justice, is mercy

(Copyright Maleko 2010)