My Cowboys Heart

Life & Art; A Statement of My Vision

I am an artist attempting to capture a moment that may offer a fleeting glimpse of transcendence.  Seeking to pull back the curtain that often hides the beauty, the mystery, the peace, the mercy and love that we all crave. 


Offering subtle glimpses of grace in which we are spoken to in that still small voice through the images, objects and scenes in our life that we so regularly overlook.  I endeavor through my art to use pictures and words to encourage and shine a light into dark places, allowing grace to be unveiled, to help others bear the pain in this life.  


To share the journey, however brief is often a wonderful gift. If I can reveal a moment that reaches your eyes, moves your heart and touches your soul then I have succeeded.  But only if you take that spark and use to ignite the ember that burns in others into a blazing fire!  I believe in the ‘ripple effect’, touch one life and you just may touch the whole world.