Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"TRANSFORMATION" - a video of discovery for 2011!

This is a short video about my interpretation of the grace of God and how His love can transform our lives into something different than what it was before and just as beautiful if we submit our wills to His.

I started with an original pastel crayon and ink wash drawing I did of a butterfly and then using Paint Shop Pro, digitally tweaked the original to 'transform' the butterfly into different versions.  Still a butterfly, but each one unique in with its own qualities and beauty.

God makes each of us unique when reflected in His image.  Let the year 2011 be the year God transforms your life into something more beautiful than it is today, more than you can imagine.

     "Butterfly Dreams"     11x14       Pastel Crayon and Ink Wash   
   Copyright MalekoArts 2010 / Grace Unveiled Productions

   "Azure Blue"              www.royaltyfreemusic.com

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Magic & Mystery!

"Nativity"   Watercolor Pencils   5"x7"
There is a magic & mystery in this season, but we so often fail to see or experience it.  We so often get caught up in the commercialization, consumerism and competition.  We run on and on ever faster trying to out give, out spend and simply out do everyone around us.  These distractions so easily rob the Christmas season of the mystery and throw a veil over the magic.

We forget the simple joy of twinkling    lights on a tree, sitting in silence listening for God's voice.  The magic and mystery contained in a baby born in a manger over 2000 years ago.  The shepherds were awestruck in fear when angels appeared and announced the Messiah's birth.  Wise men from other lands endured hardship and traveled great distances to see a new born king. Have we in our modern day lost that wonderment and passion of this event that split time in two? 

For there up in the sky was a star to follow but few dared to risk and embark on the adventure. Would we today leave the safety of the story we have created for ourselves to follow a star?  God always gives us a star to follow both literally and figuratively if we would only take our eyes off our circumstances and look up.  My prayer  this season is that each of us finds a moment and basks in the eternal glow of the magic and mystery! 

Merry Christmas!   ~Maleko

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Snow Melts within my Heart

The snow softly comes down
A blanket of pure white light
No traces of remorse or guilt
All appears to be as it should be

The snow covers the landscape
As God's grace covers our sins
Beneath the covering of purity
Lies the filth of my heart

The lies, the slander, the hate
Stalk the dark corners, waiting
Moments of selfish craving
The conflict unceasingly rages

My life has been redeemed
Bought with the ultimate price
Only by God's willing sacrifice
Freedom is mine to have

But deep within the flesh 
A voice & hunger still screams
Beneath the covering of grace
Daily I must surrender my will 

The blaze of independence
Grows stronger left untended
God's grace covers like snow, but
The snow melts within my heart

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Believe

Thank you for the joy
Thank you for the tears
Thank you for the laughter
Thank you for the years

The time seemed so short
But memories echo forever on
The sound of my heart beating
In only a moment all is gone

When mists of uncertainty surround you, the darkness hounds you, madness and insecurities confound you, just BELIEVE!

"Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!"     ~Mark 9:24 

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Red Scarfed Snowman" - Christmas Ornament & Other Products

A happy snowman wearing a red scarf and red stocking cap, smiles joyfully against a backdrop of snow.  (Watercolors, approximately 4x6 inches, Maleko © 2010)

Ornament (Oval)  $7.99

Product Information
Add a special and unique ornament to your tree this holiday. Our handmade oval ornament is made of high quality porcelain. It measures 2.3" x 3.25" with red ribbon included.
  • High quality porcelain
  • Oval 2.3" x 3.25"
  • Ribbon for hanging included 
Click on the following link MalekoArts CafePress 
to be taken directly to the store product page to view products available with this design.

Click on this link to view other Snowman Designs.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Journals" for the writer in the family!

Journals  $10.99

Product Information
Scribble important stuff - lyrics, recipes, addresses, and more.
Our Wire-O bound, 160 page journal has your choice of papers
and measures 5" x 8", a handy on-the-go size to fit in your backpack.
Get creative and let the muse flow.
  • Back cover made of thin black flexible 
  • Textured plastic, measures 16/1000" thick
  • Front cover made of 12pt glossy paper, 
  • Laminated for durability
  • Filled with  choice of 60lb bookweight (24 lb bond) paper 
  • Blank, dot grid, lined college-ruled, or a task journal.

Journals with unique designs to fit any personality.  A perfect Christmas gift. Click on Journals here to view over 80 different available designs!  Maleko © 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drinkware - Mugs • Steins • Water Bottles

Also available ceramic travel mugs, Funtainer thermos bottles, Sigg and stainless water bottles all with one of a kind designs from 
original art work by Maleko, starting as low as $11.99.

Mug   $12.99

Product Information
The perfect size for your favorite morning beverage or late night brew. Large, easy-grip handle. Treat yourself or give as a gift to someone special.
  •     Measures 3.75" tall, 3" diameter
  •     Dishwasher and microwave safe
Product Information
Love style? Then drink this up, because our eye -catching 
ceramic tumbler is a work of art. Plus it's also a workhorse               
-- thanks to a solid design with steel inner-sleeve that's ideal
for hot or cold beverages. Holding a full 15 oz. and fitting 
into most vehicle's cup holders (includes snap-tight lid),
it's also a great choice for travel.
  • Measures 7" tall & holds 15 oz.
  • Ceramic outer shell, with stainless steel inner sleeve
  • Gasket-sealed lid, with snap tight closure
  • Hand wash only 

Product Information
Help save the planet while you rehydrate in style with an eye-catching water bottle from SIGG. Made from a single piece of aluminum with an EcoCare BPA-free lining, it's ultra-lightweight (yet rugged and crack-resistant). To minimize unwanted tastes and scents, the inside is lined with a water-based, non-toxic epoxy resin that exceeds FDA leaching requirements.
  • Holds 1.0L, recyclable & resuable
  • EcoCare BPA -free lining
  • Lifetime warranty