Friday, May 28, 2010

Forever on the Wheel!

Are you living your life forever on the wheel, 
just going in circles and never getting ahead?

This design represents the struggles we
encounter in life and the amount of effort
we expend and how it often feels as if we 
make little progress.

Copyright Maleko 2009 - 
Original watercolor on paper 18x24, 
digitally mixed using Paint Shop Pro

As I have thought about the evolution of this painting and the thoughts that came later on what it represented.  I occurs to me that so often I get a vision or picture in my mind that I try to put down on paper.  Sometime later, sometimes much later, during my musings I feel as if God gives me a clear idea into the meaning behind the art and what it might represent.  The picture above, strikes me that God said to me that only will you get off or out of the wheel that so often consumes our lives in the pursuit of the next big thing,  if you truly surrender your will every day and live for Him and His glory!  I believe there are no coincidences.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The End & The Begining

Once your reached an end and then moved on,
can you go back to that end again? 

And if you do go back to that end, is it now the 
same end or has it become a different end?

(11x14 colored pencil drawing on paper, then digitally tweaked utilizing Paint Shop Pro. 
Copyright 2009 Maleko)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moments Passed

Can you ever truly return to a moment that has passed?

Return to a time that has vanished into eternity,

Like smoke through your fingers, the moment is gone

Is this returning to an ending that is now a beginning?

Once and forever a piece of time disappears into the past

Never the same, hearts forever changed under a different sky

Dreams now vanished into the dark black of night

 (©Maleko 2010)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That Would Be Enough

If I only had a moment,                                
that would be enough

If only a kiss & a smile, 
that would be enough

To look once in your 
eyes, that 
would be enough

To whisper 'I love you', 
that would be enough

My kingdom for a touch, 
that would be enough

No regrets for one moment, 
for that would be enough
               (Maleko 2010)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shilo - The Dog that Literally Saved My Life

 A Tribute to an Old Friend
This is a 16x24 ink wash and crayon drawing 
of our old puppy Shilo.  She died in the spring 1997 a the old age of 14.  A collie / shepherd mix she was a treasure of a dog.

She was with Carri and I through our entire marriage and unfortunately was only around for two and one half short years after Charis was born so they barely got to know each other.

She was loving, loyal and a true companion and trusted friend.  She accompanied us on many trips all over the Northwest.  She loved the beach but was not to fond of the water. :)

We miss you Shilo!

Opposite is the photograph that was the inspiration for this drawing.  Her usual spot in the back of the pickup.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Swing for the Fence!

A 11x14 ink wash and crayon drawing of a baseball batter swinging for the fences!

(Do you know who the batter is?)

Life is short there are times to swing for the fence!  Time to leap off the cliff, time to not accept no for an answer, time to answer the call, time to let go of the fear, time to let go of the what if's and time allow your dreams to come true!

Time to just do what needs to be done!