Friday, March 25, 2011

would You...know it was me?

If I were a single tear that fell from the skies into the oceans deep, 
would You...know it was me?

If I were a single grain of sand laying upon an endless beach, 
would You...know it was me?

If I were a single shining star amidst the vastness of the milky way,
would You...know it was me?

If I were a single word unspoken within the minds of humankind, 
would You...know it was me?

"A Single Leaf"    Photograph    ©Maleko 2010

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Within the Undiscovered

 "Within the Undiscovered"         
Watercolor 13x18 on white paper, border added using Paint Shop

This is another design idea based on the Shadow Series, in which I tired to show the horse
form as it emerges from out of the colors (The Undiscovered) as a spirit or shadow of the reality.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeing Shadows - A New Horse Series, Take 2

 Ink Wash Drawing on White Paper      10x 7 inches    ©Maleko 2011

These are the third and fourth designs in a new series I am working on called 'Seeing Shadows'.

At this point it is only horses but other ideas are swirling in my head and may yet come. 

 Ink Wash Drawing on White Paper      10x 7 inches     ©Maleko 2011

These two designs were done using an ink wash technique and crayons or pastels.

To view the first two designs in the series and read about the vision behind it click here - Seeing Shadows

Thanks for stopping by & looking! ~M

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Over the Edge of the World

  It seemed a day like any other day,    
Where adults worked and children played

The sun shone brightly somewhere in the sky,
I stand silently motionless as the moments slip by

A portrayal of stillness, masks the depths of fear,
The slowing heart beats faintly of all I hold dear

The seconds tick by each quicker than the last,
No future secure, just trying to hold onto the past

A moment approaches so gentle in all of its grace,
Heavens curtains opened to reveal God's face

Then the curtains close that once were unfurled,
Realizing I've been over the edge of the world.

©Maleko 2009

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life & Art; A Statement of Vision

I am an artist attempting to capture a moment that may offer a fleeting glimpse of transcendence.  Seeking to pull back the curtain that often hides the beauty, the mystery, the peace, the mercy and love that we all crave. 

 Offering subtle glimpses of grace in which we are spoken to in that still small voice through the images, objects and scenes in our life that we so regularly overlook.  I endeavor through my art to use pictures and words to encourage and shine a light into dark places, allowing grace to be unveiled, to help others bear the pain in this life.  


To share the journey, however brief is often a wonderful gift. If I can reveal a moment that reaches your eyes, moves your heart and touches your soul then I have succeeded.  But only if you take that spark and use to ignite the ember that burns in others into a blazing fire!  I believe in the ‘ripple effect’, touch one life and you just may touch the whole world.

Dancing Within the Blaze!        ©Maleko 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seeing Shadows - A New Horse Series

Colored Pencil Drawings -10x7 inches on white paper
Maleko ©2011
These are the first two designs from a new series I have begun, 
that I have called "Seeing Shadows".  My attempt is to present 
the image of horses using simple outlines and color, a metaphor 
 for not seeing clearly as when we catch a glimpse of truth in the 
shadows.  More designs to come! ~Maleko

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Into the Darkness Came a Light

In Genesis 1:2 we are told that, "The earth was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the deep..."
Verses 3 & 4 state, "Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light.  God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness."  

Did the darkness pre-exist before the light?  Did God (the light) the eternal uncreated enter into the darkness and bring the first light? For God to command light to appear there must have been darkness or the light would have been no more useful than a flashlight on a sunny day.  This separation of light and dark intrigues me and seems to foreshadow our lives.

We must first be discouraged to experience renewed hope.
We must first be broken to experience restoration. 
We must first be mournful to experience true joy.
We must first be hurt to experience true healing.
We must first be dead to truly experience life.

Our lives seem to so often follow this trajectory as we are in the dark of our mothers womb and are born into the light.  We are then wounded, beaten, down trodden, forsaken, abandoned as we traverse this experience we call life.  Sometimes oblivious that we are in need of a savior and a friend.  My prayer is that all come to this realization soon rather than later and that God uses me to show this truth to others so that grace may be unveiled.  ~Maleko 

This photo was taken on New Year's Eve 2011 as we celebrated with a bonfire!!!