Friday, June 19, 2009

What does disappointment say about you?

How we deal with life’s big

disappointments tell us who we truly are.

What do you do when the hopes and dreams you have,

are served up not as the fastball you were looking for

but a sweeping slow curve and the mighty swing

you take hits nothing but air?

Do you dust yourself off and try a little harder

and not ask for help?

Promise to never fail again, even if that means

never trying again?

Become cynical and blame others for your failings?

Downplay the importance of the dreams?

Never let them see you sweat, cry or the fear?

Realize that life is full of disappointments and the loss

of your dreams and hopes is the biggest disappointment.

The lack of any thing to look towards,

to live for, to love and to pursue is a life void

of any love, grace, passion or story to tell.

Live your dreams!

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