Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's not dying I am talking about, its livin'

"He not busy being born is busy dying."
- Bob Dylan

Most 12 step programs rely on the process of always being actively working on a step of the program. When not so engaged you will not be progressing and may even be moving backward and living from a false center of yourself.

In my own life when I come to those times where I am not being born (learning, growing, progressing), I tend to stagnate. My spiritual, emotional, relational or physical growth demands a consistent march forward. As soon as we stop for any extended period for any reason other than a short time for rest, recovery, rejuvenation or refocusing decay can set in. We become reactive and overwhelmed by circumstances, less proactive and responsive.

I pray for the clarity of vision and strength of heart to stay on track. When I do lose my way I will quickly rededicate myself to finding my true center and balance. To remember the value of my life and continue the journey, living moment to moment passionately, humbly and with quiet strength.

(the above photo was taken at sunset in Longbeach, Washington)

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