Monday, December 28, 2009

Dancing in the Shadow Lands

This is a new design recently done using colored pencils. I am experimenting with simplifying the design elements even more using implied lines to fill in the rest of the shape of the subject. My love of horses has lead me to trying this with them as the subject matter first. Look for more designs to come.

I love the idea that our minds will fill in what is not seen with our eyes. However this can be both good and bad as we often perceive things differently from how they actually are. Each persons paradigm differs from others which leads to a variety of interpretations.

What do you see? In the picture above and in your own life? What things do you think you see clearly but are putting your own spin on it based on your bias and experiences?

We often dance in the shadow lands of reality, thinking we have it all figured out when there is so much more going on than our eyes can see and minds can comprehend and these are often the moments when Grace is Unveiled. -Maleko

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