Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creating a Creative Space

Creative ideas can occur at any time, no matter where we are or what we are doing. But do you have a 'space', a 'place', a 'spot' where you can endeavor to implement those ideas? This can apply to artists, writers, thinkers or anyone of us that needs a place to call a destination.

A place where the idea can become a reality?

Some things to think about when looking for the creation of that creative space in no particular order:

1) Privacy - What do you need? A private space, walls, a shared room what works best for you/

2) Tools - What tools or equipment might you need? Chair(s), table, supplies, storage etc.

3) Size - How much space do you realistically need for your stuff?

4) Views - Windows versus walls? Would a view of the outside be inspiring or distracting?

5) Light - Do you prefer natural or artificial light? Does it matter? Northern light?

6) Sounds - What do you prefer extreme quiet, white noise, music, outside noise?

Think about these things to start and I am sure they will lead to other questions to make your creative space that place that allows you to shine.

(Thanks to Lori McNee for the inspiration for this blog, link to her blog post on 'Northern Light' by clicking on the blog title above.)

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