Friday, May 28, 2010

Forever on the Wheel!

Are you living your life forever on the wheel, 
just going in circles and never getting ahead?

This design represents the struggles we
encounter in life and the amount of effort
we expend and how it often feels as if we 
make little progress.

Copyright Maleko 2009 - 
Original watercolor on paper 18x24, 
digitally mixed using Paint Shop Pro

As I have thought about the evolution of this painting and the thoughts that came later on what it represented.  I occurs to me that so often I get a vision or picture in my mind that I try to put down on paper.  Sometime later, sometimes much later, during my musings I feel as if God gives me a clear idea into the meaning behind the art and what it might represent.  The picture above, strikes me that God said to me that only will you get off or out of the wheel that so often consumes our lives in the pursuit of the next big thing,  if you truly surrender your will every day and live for Him and His glory!  I believe there are no coincidences.


Carri said...

Absolutely I do, and I am so glad I have you with me to keep me going. Hugs

Leo said...

I really like your "Forever on the wheel". Some days I feel like there is absolutely anyway to get off the darn thing, but if I just take a deep breath and let it go everything works out. You are so inspirational to me and I think you are the greatest. Love ya, Mom

Maleko said...

A boy (& a man) will always treasure the words of his mother! Thanks, love you too!