Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Power of an Idea

Sometimes the ideas come with a power so fully alive 
and engrossing that you are swept along with it.  
The vision it creates is so overwhelming specific that 
you dare not refuse to follow where it may lead.

"The wind in your ears blocks out all traces of doubt
and questions about the path you must now pedal." 

Your soul is afire, you mind fully engaged, your body 
tingles with anticipation and fear of the unknown only 
adds to the certainty that this is your destiny and who 
you were created to be and the purpose for you life.

My prayer and hope is that each individual finds this 
path to follow for their life.  I believe if we all find and 
follow that idea and dream for which God purposed 
for us we will truly become alive in this life and that is 
what this world needs is people who have come alive.

(The above drawing depicts the speed and power generated by the human body 
as the background is blurred with the illusion of movement.  This was done using 
Conte pastel crayons with a photo shop border added and a black flood fill within 
the border, 8x6 inches on white paper, copyright 2010, MalekoArts)

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