Sunday, March 13, 2011

Over the Edge of the World

  It seemed a day like any other day,    
Where adults worked and children played

The sun shone brightly somewhere in the sky,
I stand silently motionless as the moments slip by

A portrayal of stillness, masks the depths of fear,
The slowing heart beats faintly of all I hold dear

The seconds tick by each quicker than the last,
No future secure, just trying to hold onto the past

A moment approaches so gentle in all of its grace,
Heavens curtains opened to reveal God's face

Then the curtains close that once were unfurled,
Realizing I've been over the edge of the world.

©Maleko 2009


Carri said...

I love this Mark, it is beautiful!

Maleko said...

Thanks! They say to write what you know about and you know that was my reality.