Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Ideas About the 'Job Box'!

Not to long ago while attending a meeting at work and doodling as I normally do I sketched the picture above of a horse and then drew a box around and added the words.  Later, I realized that was the first time I had ever put a box around my horse as part of the picture.  The horse represents freedom, strength and power to me and I placed him without thinking inside a box. 

I work in a box both figuratively and literally, I am boxed in by rules, polices, procedures, responsibilities, expectations and four solid walls.

"Think outside the box," they say, but what they really mean is nearly impossible at times, come up with a new idea, a new way to be more efficient but stay inside the box. It would make them uncomfortable it they could not keep us contained.

I strive to always make decisions based on certain values while my heart wants to soar, to create, to play, to be free, to live!

I struggle with intertwining the 'work' that I must do to pay the bills and the 'play' I long to pursue as an artist. The journey of staring at a blank piece of paper and following where the artistic path may lead calls to me. The ideas that so often come so fast and disappear just as quickly like snowflakes in July.  Searching for the freedom that I crave even if it is the freedom of thought and ideas inside my own head.

I have learned to live within the contradiction by following a few simple ideas - 
  1. Always put faith & family first, that is the cornerstone!
  2. Still yourself to hear your inner voice & that of God!
  3. Enjoy the little things, like dark chocolate & coffee!
  4. Listen to music that motivates & inspires you!
  5. Never take yourself to seriously, life is too short not to laugh!
I pray this helps you to find that peace along the journey when the chaos and the tension seem overwhelming.   Remember you are not alone and my belief is the struggle seems common to all. ~M


Carri said...

Incredible! We are all asked to think outside the box but it is true, they really want you to think inside their box and make things work. Awesome work Mark. Love you!

Maleko said...

That is so true, thanks!