Friday, December 23, 2011

Staring into the Light

"Staring into the Light"      Watercolors    5.5x7 inches 

Maleko ©2011

A watercolor painting of a cat staring intently towards a bright light that appears to be just off the page, indifferent to what ever may be occurring behind him.  The red stocking hat points to the holiday season and the light represents the reason we celebrate Christmas.  From the first Christmas day when a star heralded a miraculous birth and the coming of a Savior that split time in two.  

May we also point our lives, moment by moment towards the source of that light.  
May we live only for His glory. 

If you are interested in purchasing prints or cards of this design please 
visit my web site on Fine Art America.  Thanks!

Merry Christmas!!! ~M


Dianne said...

Aw, I just love this. It would make a perfect Christmas card, the kind I'd like to send (if i ever sent Christmas cards!) Merry Christmas!

Maleko said...

Thanks Dianne. I had fun painting this one, Merry Christmas!