Friday, May 4, 2012

Choose To Do Something

"The difference between those who don't do something and those who do do something is that those who do something, do something!"  quote by Banning Liebscher, director of Jesus Culture.

Despite your circumstances, your fears, your insecurities, your anxiety; while waiting on the Lord chose to do something.
  • Choose to encourage
  • Choose to laugh
  • Choose to love
  • Choose to care
  • Choose to smile
  • "Shine a Light"        Photograph        ©Maleko 2012
  • Choose to give
  • Choose to feel
  • Choose to touch
  • Choose to cry
  • Choose to help
  • Choose to obey
  • Choose to lead
  • Choose to stand
  • Choose to sing
  • Choose to dance
  • Choose to create
  • Choose to dream
  • Choose to pray
  • Choose to hope
  • Choose to believe
  • Choose to live
What one thing can you choose to do today to shine a light into an often dark world to help others?   Add it to the comments below and then go and do that one thing!


Carri said...

I choose to obey... obey when God tells me to pump the little old ladies gas in front of me. Obey when He tells me to pray for someone. Obey when He wants me to give up something for myself so that I can love and encourage others. Obey when He calls me to do what is first and foremost in His mind... Love as He loved.

Awesome post! Love you!!!

Maleko said...

Choosing is the first step, then doing it always is the hardest part! Thanks!