Friday, August 10, 2012

God's Bright Sparks

It’s after midnight. You find yourself in an eerie yet, magical swamp. You hear whispering and see flashes of light…what happens?

Out of the dark
Out of the night
Goodnight on Fairie Swamp Garden 
(Photo credit: echoroo)

Dancing and glowing
White orbs of light
Magical and mysterious
A glorious sight
The hour is bewitched

It had just began
For time stopped
Past midnight at 12:01
The fog hovered
Barely off the ground
The voices of the swamp
Was the only sound

The stories told
Of ghosts who dwell
In legends of old
Passed down in song
For without a verse
The past is forgotten
To be forever cursed

(The writing is for the image & text prompt 
above   Time & Place Scenario  for
Free Write Friday using what is called stream of 
consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just 
writing!  Please check out  Kellie Elmore's blog  for 
more information on Free Write Friday's, twitter 
hashtag #FWF and join the fun!  Just write!)
Lost in the moment                     
The voices sing
Casting out lights
Love is what they bring
For without a prayer
The depths will drown
Rise above the fears

The lights float 
Singing sweet songs
Of joy and love
We all belong
Not fearing the dark
The black is broken
By God's bright sparks


Carri said...

I love it Mark! You are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Mark, this is a great piece! Love the rhyme (which I SO cannot do) :) At first I started thinking about the ghost stories down in the swamps of Louisiana. Then your ending reveals something more amazing!
Thank you! ♥

Maleko said...

Thanks Ladies!

Boomie Bol said...

This is just wonderful. Love it. Thank you so much for stopping by mine.

Anonymous said...

Very detailed and creative with the environment. I can almost feel the emotion permeate the air.
Excellent work!

Maleko said...

Thank you so much!