Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dreams...haunted by midnight visions

Standing in the shadows seized in holy terror

"The Moon"    Photograph ©Maleko 2012
      I see you lay willingly in ecstasy's embrace

From my scorched lungs my breath is squeezed

     As the sand shifts slowly beneath my feet

Eagerly swallowing the drink of sweet poisoned lies

     Moonlight glistens the sweat droplets on your skin

Endless echos of the past roll into a future lost

     You are a million miles distant an arms length away

Trembling shaking hands reach out burdened by fear

     Through the air streaming tears fall as passion rises

Love's promise all but undone the world is crashing

     The sun fell plotting out the death of my heart

Left alone eternity beckons as a cold and lonely place

©Maleko 2012

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