Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Manifesto of Insignificance

Knowing that my death is certain and my time of death is uncertain…Knowing that the work I do matters and also will not last…

  • I’ll make every effort to do great work & art.

  • I’ll strive for progress not perfection.

  • I’ll love God & the people in my life.I’ll forgive those who hurt me.

  • I’ll strive to know and be known.

  • I’ll to be open to life’s adventures.

  • I’ll laugh, cry and rest when needed.

  • I’ll enjoy today and live in the moment.

I challenge you to write you own Manifesto of Insignificance about your life. For more information about this exercise and the paradox of our lives: both overwhelmingly meaningful and overwhelmingly insignificant and creating great work, go to the Box of Crayons website using the link on the left.

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