Monday, October 27, 2008

My Muse

"To be this old and have our life and hers just begin."

I was 40 years old when my daughter was born and I now see things with a whole different set of eyes and a different perspective. The joy my daughter gets from following after her daddy and wanting to paint and draw with me melts my heart. The world is new again and all is magic!

She sees the wonder and the magic. I try my best to recapture it in my daily life, but somehow it often seems just out of reach. But she has re-energized me to try and live that simple life of no limits, no what ifs, no buts. The magic is there we only need to open our eyes to it and see beyond the curtain and those limits we impose on ourselves. The simple joy of a child, caught in the moment and truly being only in that moment and nothing else!

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