Saturday, November 1, 2008

State of Affairs '08

I do not wish to get into a political debate either about candidates, ideas or anything of that sort. But considering the current events in the news and the impact that this is having or could potentially have on every American, I just want to share a few thoughts.

I do not understand why we as Americans, at least it seems the majority of Americans, seem to insist on relying on a 'president', 'political party', 'government program', or some other outside source, to provide a solution at both a national and local level to solve our problems for us.

My belief is we must take responsibility and do what is necessary to overcome our current situations both as individuals and as a nation.

Absolute truths exist whether you agree or not and whether you chose to believe in them or not. They are like evil and gravity, they exist we just often choose to ignore the reality and then complain when we suffer the consequences of 'our actions'. It is always someone else's fault, time for personal accountablity and owning up to our responsibilities.

Ask yourself what can I do or better yet, what should I do? Do what you can no matter how small, right now, right where you are for your family, your neighbors, our nation and the world.
Be part of the solution not the problem and remember to vote!

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