Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creatio ex nihlio and Art

'Creatio ex nihlio' is Latin and translates to creation out of nothing. I believe this is how God created the universe, when there was nothing save God, He made everything there is out of nothing. That is one of the ultimate mysteries.

Being a child of God, I wish to follow my savior into battle. However living in a fallen world and being a sinner, I allow so much to stand in the way of my true potential. I often feel overwhelmed when standing before a blank piece of paper and trying to put down the images in my head that begin in my heart. What God has accomplished is truly amazing!

Looking at the beam and looking along the beam are two different things. Looking at the beam you see an illusion of reality, looking along the beam is where the truth lies and is leads you to the truth.

The creative process can begin with an end result in mind or the result may change as it progresses until it looks nothing like the original idea.

I try to live the possibilities and not be stopped by the limits. The joy that can be there in the pain, the beauty in the mundane if only we could truly see. I encourage you to stop and look to live the moments, to feel the joy and yes even the pain. For art can only faintly portray the life we were truly meant to live.
"Good painting is nothing but a copy of the perfection of God and a recollection of His painting." -Michelangelo

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