Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Spirit, Life & Emotion within the 'Eyes'

This is a pencil drawing I have done of a monkey and everyone always comments on the eyes. I endeavor to capture the spirit, life and emotion when rendering the 'eyes' in my subject matter. I often portray my subject looking straight on, as if staring back at the viewer. Sometimes, the angle of the head my only allow one 'eye' to be visible, but still the intent is that the subject is peering back at you.

I like and admire the honest and straight forward. The ability to look someone in the eye regardless of the circumstances. I try to live my life that way and look straight ahead and face life, whatever comes, both the good times and the bad. Stayed tuned for more pieces where I try to capture the spirit of the 'eyes'. This piece of art work is available on many products at our website, (Copy and past the link in your browser)

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