Friday, July 16, 2010

The Twisted Path of Art

"The Process" - from idea, to drawing, to color, to completion!

To often we overlook the joy in the journey. This design started with the idea of doing a patriotic piece to represent America and the freedom we celebrate on July 4th of every year. Trying to capture a feeling of freedom, I chose an eagle to represent that freedom of flight, unbound by limitations.

Set against the American flag, this represents the freedom we enjoy. The drawing stage is often clumsy and ideas emerge on scraps of paper (see the taped together pieces).

The color came next to capture the essence. I chose to recreate the eagle and flag with a certain realism in regard to color choice, to portray a vivid brilliance to the colors to show power and force.

The beginning idea of of media is an ink wash technique where the original drawing is done using ink lines. The color is then added with either crayons, pastels or colored pencils, often a combination of them all.

The design is the sprayed with water using a spray bottle and I turn the paper letting the water and ink run in a certain direction to portray movement.

If all elements come together hopefully the finished product is comparable to the image
first conceived in my minds eye.

A glimpse into one of my processes it takes to create a piece of art. -Maleko

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Leo said...

I really like this Markus you have captured the image of America!!!