Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is Faith, the Hope of Things Unseen?

What is faith, the hope of things unseen?

Events happen throughout our lives, hard times come with 
no end in sight.  Loved ones die and there is no response 
from beyond the veil.  The undiscovered beckons silently 
with an eternal hope, but no confirmation of what may come.

Surrounded by angels and the eternal we live our lives unaware.

Silently maintaining faith with an expectation of what may come.

I hold steadfast that something glorious this way comes!

(The above is preliminary drawing for future Christmas designs, I like the horses mane and how it morphs
into the angel hovering just above the horse unaware.  Is this so often how we live our lives? ~Maleko)

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Carri said...

I love this Mark! You are truly amazing!

I love you,