Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Manifesto of Fatherhood

Knowing that, God willing, no matter the circumstances, I will always be a daddy to my little girl;

Knowing that, God willing, my daughter will one day be an adult and leave to follow her own path;
  • I will love my daughter for the gift that she is, not what she does
  • I will cherish every moment we spend together
  • I will strive to give her whatever wisdom I might possess
  • I will teach her the value of relationships & honoring promises
  • I will allow my daughter to soar upon her own wings
  • I will let her go to travel the path God has laid before her

"May the Lord give me the wisdom to parent with love, humility and strength, to give my daughter the best that I can offer.
      ~Maleko, 9/2010

Summer 2010 - Gifford Pinchot National Forest


Carri said...

Amen my love! You are a wonderful daddy, and always will be. Hugs

Maleko said...

I believe being a parent (especially a daddy) is a gift and a blessing, not a right. I pray that I never take the responsibility for granted.