Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lifted up on Transcendent Wings

"Wings of Transcendence"   Watercolor Painting/Paint Shop Pro (double image)   18x24 inches   Maleko © 2010
I have reached a crossroad where it is time to make a decision.  A time to quit playing around the edges and go all in.  

I am not even sure what that means or what I am to do, but I do know the time is now and if not now then never.

I am sick of the games and living within the box inside my head, left only to wonder.  Permission to open your hands, relax your death grip and to let go; no more standing at the edge, time to step into the dark, into the abyss.

I know nothing but that the rewards from a life renewed far outweigh the small safe story I have created for myself.  Yes, dangers become greater, but the fullness of life is waiting, the adventure, the passion is worth the risk.  

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  ~John 10:10

I will grab a hold of this promise.  For I know He sends his Spirit to go before me, watch my back, and to be an ever present help in times of trouble. I must be seated in Him before I can stand in His strength.  

I pray for daily reminders and that your grace be unveiled.

The above painting was my attempt to portray a moment of transcendence as we search this world for our answers. I believe answers (or at least our acceptance of the questions) so often lies just beyond the veil of the undiscovered within the presence of God and his angels.  Who sometimes invade our world and how if we only learn to look we could truly see and allow ourselves to be transformed into so much more. ~M

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