Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"TRANSFORMATION" - a video of discovery!

I believe each individual has a unique calling and destiny that was created by God.  Our responsibility is to find that calling and follow it where ever it may lead and if we do that our contribution to the world will be a positive one.

The goal was for this video to portray the positive effect of how a life may be transformed into many different variations each beautiful and purposeful in its uniqueness.  
We all have a choice, live deliberately!   ~Maleko Copyright 2010

(The images are based on an original ink wash and crayon design of a butterfly {first one in the video}, approximately 11x14 inches and then the subsequent images were digitally tweaked using Paint Shop Pro.  The music added is 'Azure Blue' from  Royalty Free Music at the following link {}.  Hopefully this will inspire you to become the person you were meant to be and allow yourself to be transformed, never settle and never be conformed to this world.  God Bless!)

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