Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Dark is When the Light Shines the Brightest!

In my life the struggles I have endured, the pain I have felt never seemed to be a gift, but now in what I like to call the second chapter of my life, I quietly question.

I have found myself wondering if my journey through the darkness is truly a blessing or a curse as the world would view it.

The hurt, the sadness, the moment the devastation breaks through and into your life, you are forever changed as sure as the turning of the earth.  

Not only the physical hurts that life throws at you, but the emotional pain that cuts so deep.  The pain that is so often hidden from others and concealed deep inside behind the mask.

In my case it is the ever present memory of holding a hand and watching a life slip away in one breathless final exhale. 

For so many years I held onto this moment and viewed it as a simply life, but I am coming to view it as so much more. The utter darkness that ensued has slowly been replaced by a light that cannot be hidden nor extinguished.  

A light that is meant to be shared, an experience that is meant to be shared to comfort or empower others on their journey.  Life was never meant to be easy, but it was meant to be shared.  Our light cannot be hidden in fact 'In the Dark is When His Light Shines the Brightest' through us!

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