Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freedom Running

Standing in the silence of the morning sun
Listening to the breeze blowing in the sage
A distant rumbling thunder begins to grow
Shaking the ground with a chorus of echos
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Over the ridge I see them from afar
Majestic and regal as swiftly they come
Clouds of dust rising from their hoofs
Running just for the love and freedom
Manes and tails blowing in the wind
I raise my arms in silent reverie
Watching the herd my heart is overcome
I feel their freedom surging in my blood
A fighting symbol of our mighty land
The last of their kind holding out
Still proud and defiant to the end
As they soar over the ground
Freedom calls and beckons us to follow
©Maleko 2012

This is my writing for Free Write Friday (#FWF) sponsored by Kellie Elmore on the topic of Freedom!


Anonymous said...

Mark... I have always loved that sound. Wild horses and their patter against the dirt. Manes blowing and their eyes set on nothing but the horizon. That really is freedom! What a great choice of subject for this FWF! Thank you!

Maleko said...

Thanks Kellie! This weeks prompt stumped me at first but I just let it rumble around in my head. Suddenly the word freedom and wild horses running just clicked. Glad you liked it.