Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Snow Melts within my Heart

The snow softly comes down
A blanket of pure white light
No traces of remorse or guilt
All appears to be as it should be

The snow covers the landscape
As God's grace covers our sins
Beneath the covering of purity
Lies the filth of my heart

The lies, the slander, the hate
Stalk the dark corners, waiting
Moments of selfish craving
The conflict unceasingly rages

My life has been redeemed
Bought with the ultimate price
Only by God's willing sacrifice
Freedom is mine to have

But deep within the flesh 
A voice & hunger still screams
Beneath the covering of grace
Daily I must surrender my will 

The blaze of independence
Grows stronger left untended
God's grace covers like snow, but
The snow melts within my heart

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