Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Magic & Mystery!

"Nativity"   Watercolor Pencils   5"x7"
There is a magic & mystery in this season, but we so often fail to see or experience it.  We so often get caught up in the commercialization, consumerism and competition.  We run on and on ever faster trying to out give, out spend and simply out do everyone around us.  These distractions so easily rob the Christmas season of the mystery and throw a veil over the magic.

We forget the simple joy of twinkling    lights on a tree, sitting in silence listening for God's voice.  The magic and mystery contained in a baby born in a manger over 2000 years ago.  The shepherds were awestruck in fear when angels appeared and announced the Messiah's birth.  Wise men from other lands endured hardship and traveled great distances to see a new born king. Have we in our modern day lost that wonderment and passion of this event that split time in two? 

For there up in the sky was a star to follow but few dared to risk and embark on the adventure. Would we today leave the safety of the story we have created for ourselves to follow a star?  God always gives us a star to follow both literally and figuratively if we would only take our eyes off our circumstances and look up.  My prayer  this season is that each of us finds a moment and basks in the eternal glow of the magic and mystery! 

Merry Christmas!   ~Maleko

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