Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"TRANSFORMATION" - a video of discovery for 2011!

This is a short video about my interpretation of the grace of God and how His love can transform our lives into something different than what it was before and just as beautiful if we submit our wills to His.

I started with an original pastel crayon and ink wash drawing I did of a butterfly and then using Paint Shop Pro, digitally tweaked the original to 'transform' the butterfly into different versions.  Still a butterfly, but each one unique in with its own qualities and beauty.

God makes each of us unique when reflected in His image.  Let the year 2011 be the year God transforms your life into something more beautiful than it is today, more than you can imagine.

     "Butterfly Dreams"     11x14       Pastel Crayon and Ink Wash   
   Copyright MalekoArts 2010 / Grace Unveiled Productions

   "Azure Blue"              www.royaltyfreemusic.com

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