Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eternal Magic - Part 1

He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death.   

The flames from the campfire eagerly licked the dry wood as they climbed higher into the night, casting dancing shadows into the nearby forest.  Three silent figures sat close to the flames to feel the heat and cut the chill as the temperature dropped quickly with the setting of the autumn sun. The quiet and stillness of the early evening was welcomed by the small family after the day of adventure.

As late evening began to settle over the land like a thick blanket, a feeling of expectation and stillness hung heavy in the night air.  The only sound came from the crackling and popping of the campfire, flames sending prophetic visions dancing into the night. Anticipation arose within the hearts of this family of three.  Stars twinkled in the sky as distant galaxies were being born and dying as eternity journeyed ever onward.  Far from the light pollution of the cities and towns the heavens began to unveil a cosmic light show that was sure to be beyond compare.

The family consisting of father, mother and daughter spoke in hushed tones so as not to disturb the majesty of creation that they were witnessing on this night.  The only movement occurred when the fire needed tended and this was done quickly and with little wasted effort.  Occasionally their trusted companion, a dog named Sadee Jayne would move as she lay dozing just outside the fires light keeping a silent vigil against the night.

The last small glow from the sun was disappearing beyond the horizon when a high pitched screech that split open the silence of the night elicited a low growl from Sadee Jayne.  The shriek reverberated through the dark air as if carried on the wind through the trees and across the land, the sound chilling their hearts.  As the silence settled once again, the flickering flames reflected in their eyes as they looked at one another across the campfire as the moments slowly ticked past, their hearts beating fast with breathless anticipation.

The youngest of the group spotted the feathered creature first perched high up at the top of the trunk of a long dead tree with no limbs some twenty yards outside their camp.  The owl was a snowy white color with grey markings against the blue of the twilight sky, accustomed to the darkness, familiar with and unafraid of the shadows that dwell there.  Its head slowly swiveled from right to left surveying their camp for reasons unknown.  The owl voiced low hooting cries of mourning that echoed into the night.      (END PART 1)

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