Monday, October 31, 2011

Eternal Magic - Part 3

Eternal Magic - Part 1 
Eternal Magic - Part 2 

He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death.

The creatures continued to advance; Sadee Jayne’s barks became filled with aggression and fear.  Within the mind of each family member at the same time the word ‘surrender’ was heard as clear as if it had been spoken by someone standing next to them.  They each looked at each other in turn, with a dawning recognition in their eyes.  A freezing chill settled deeper in the air and began to penetrate their hearts as the fires light began to wane.  They knew they could not save themselves and the realization drove them to their knees still holding tightly to one another. 

Words of belief, of devotion, of love and worship quickly passed across their lips into the cold frigid night in an effort to accept what seemed an inevitable fate.  A long forgotten magic and wisdom began to dance in the air as the small family huddled together still clasping hands.  Silent prayers were fervently whispered and offered up to the throne of heaven as stars swayed in the sky as if hanging from invisible string.

Suddenly, the last rays of the setting sun emerged from behind low lying clouds on the western horizon, blazing light across the landscape.  The owl had disappeared quietly into the night as the air became filled with a power so tangible you could almost hold it in your arms.  A brilliant gold illuminated the darkness and the shadows.  The creatures were filled from the center with a pure white light that pierced them from within as the suns light reached them before they could retreat. 

Each creature recoiled and writhed in pain, erupting in low screams just barely audible for the human ear to hear.  Slowly each creature began to melt inward, as ice on the sidewalk on a hot summer’s day, back into the earth from where they had come.  The image of the apparitions completely disappeared as the kingdom advanced heralding a power that calmed their hearts.

The prayers of the three had became bolder with power and expectation as they turned from pleas of rescue to voices raised in worship to an eternal hope offered freely from heaven.  The owls’ ability and vision to see in the dark had supplied a warning and revealed a truth that darkness can be overcome by a deeper magic that shines a light into all dark places.  After the creatures had completely vanished a silent calm had returned to the night.           

The sun dropped beyond the horizon as night settled over the land once again and the campfires’ light blazed brightly.  The realization of the power they had just witnessed combined with feelings of whether the experience had all only been a dream.  The family vowed to remember and share with others, that there is an eternal magic that reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deep darkness into the light.

    THE END  ©Maleko 2011

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