Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Standing Firm

"Standing Firm"   

Maleko ©2011

Watercolor & Ink       30" x 22"
This design portrays the state of my life right now as I am simply standing firm while around me swirls uncertainty and confusion. But sometimes all we can do is to stand firm while the storm rages around us with a belief that the clouds will part and the sun will shine again.

The backdrop has no specific images or shapes just swirling colors to evoke that feeling of movement while in the center the horse stands quiet with a strong and resolute purpose.  The image of the horse contains many sharp edges to not only define the outline of the horses features but to show the jagged edges that exist inside of each of us that will not only hurt the ones we love but ourselves as well.  

This was painted using evaporated milk instead of water which gives a texture to the surface of the colors on the paper.  This a larger piece of paper than I normally use but like the freedom it gives in working on a larger scale.  The border was added using Corel Paint Shop Pro to the digital image.

Comments are welcome, what do you see or feel when viewing the painting?   

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Thanks ~M

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