Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tell Me Your Name

I wrote these words in December of 2004 one month after my daughter was born.  It is based on the scene from the movie 'Gladiator' in which Maximus is in the Roman coliseum and is forced to turn and address the emperor Commodus when he is asked to tell him his name.  

Years earlier Commodus had murdered his father Marcus Aurelius and ordered the execution of Maximus and his family, thereby claiming rule of the Roman Empire.  Maximus escaped being killed but later was captured and was forced into becoming a gladiator in the ring fighting for his life for the amusement of the crowds.  

However, when his defining moment arrived he turned faced the murderer of his family boldly proclaiming who he was.  Through the journey and struggles Maximus never forgot who he was, he knew his name, he knew it with all his heart.  I pray that we alI do the same.  ~M

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Dianne said...

This is just awesome! Makes me want to watch that movie again. Important to remember, who we are.